Certificate of the Degree

What is a CAHIIM Accredited “Certificate of the Degree” Program?

A coherent and complete program that offers a pathway to the HIM profession for prospective students that hold a previously earned baccalaureate degree or higher from an academic institution accredited by an institutional accreditor recognized by the United States Department of Education (USDE). 

Certificate of the Degree programs must be in compliance with the Accreditation Standards for Health Information Management Baccalaureate Degree Programs in so far as applicable accreditation Standards are met and therefore must assure the achievement of all competencies as required by the published 2014 AHIMA/CEE Professional Competencies for Baccalaureate Degree HIM Programs.   

How are “Certificate of the Degree” programs at the baccalaureate degree approved by CAHIIM and published on the CAHIIM Program Directory?

CAHIIM Accredited programs that offer a baccalaureate degree program must complete the Prior Approval Process and document this degree pathway in CAHIIM’s Annual Program Assessment Report (APAR).

Are there any other certificate level programs other than the CAHIIM Accredited baccalaureate degree Certificate of the Degree Programs that are approved by CAHIIM?

No. The degree pathway must be a subset of an already CAHIIM Accredited baccalaureate degree program and must award academic credit and recognized as such by the college or university’s institutional accreditor.

CAHIIM does not accredit any other certificate based or non–degree programs (e.g., completion certificates or other continuing education programs.) that does not qualify for Title IV of the Higher Education Act (federal student aid).

Certificate of the Degree