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CAHIIM Accreditation System (CAS)

Recommended Site Visit Itinerary (2-Day Site Visit)

Date Duration Meeting Description
Day 1 30 Min Introductory Meeting A welcome meeting with the appropriate Dean, Program Director and other administrators (budget and advising) who are responsible for the educational program. Typically the first scheduled meeting begins approximately at 8:30 am
2-3 hr sessions
(include a 30 min break)
Meeting with the program director, HIM faculty and clinical supevisors Discuss and review information received in the self-assessment; clarify responses and process issues

Review student records and program files as requested by the site visitors

Discuss the professional course content of the HIM curriculum

Conduct interviews with the program faculty and the other faculty teaching the HIM professional course content

Course materials, textbooks, tests, projects and other resources should be made available*
1 hr Site visit team Business Lunch A working lunch for site visit team members
1 hr Site visit team interviews with HIM students Separate 30-minute interviews should be scheduled for the first year students and second year students.** Program officials are not present at the time
1 hr Site visit team meet with program advisory committee Professional practice supervisors and employers may be included. Program Officials are not present at the time
30 min Site visit team tours program facilities Review learning resources such as the library, student laboratories, classrooms, media center, computer labs, and HIM technology applications. Depending on the situation, team members may be assigned to tour one or more facilities separately
Day 2
End of Day 1
30 min - 1 hr Site visit team Discretionary Meeting A meeting to complete or clarify discussions remaining from Day 1 with program faculty and the program director as determined by the Site Visit Team Leader
1 hr Site visit team Meeting A working conference for the Site visit team. Program officials are not present at this time
30 min Meeting with Program Director Discuss the site visit team’s preliminary assessments with the program director respect to the Standards
2 hr Site visit team Meeting Site visit team only
30 min Break Site visit team break
30-45 min Results Meeting A meeting with the all persons present at the introductory meeting. The Dean and the Program Director must be present. The scheduled time of the this meeting may be subject to change by the Site visit team based on their progress with the site visit
Provide names of individuals on the itinerary.
*Online courses will require password access for site visitors and time allocated to review online content, resources and evaluation methods.
**Evening or distance education students may be interviewed via conference calls or speakerphone, or the site visit itinerary extended so that they may attend an evening offering.