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Statement of Scope

CAHIIM accredits associate and baccalaureate degree programs in health information management, and masters’ degree programs in the health informatics and health information management professions in the United States and Puerto Rico.

To become CAHIIM accredited academic programs undergo a rigorous process of voluntary peer review and have met or exceeded the minimum Accreditation Standards as set by the CAHIIM. These programs are awarded accreditation status by the CAHIIM, which provides public recognition of such achievement.


CAHIIM serves the public interest in advancing the value of health informatics and health information management through quality education by:

Core Values

In fulfillment of its mission, CAHIIM’s processes, actions, and strategies are guided by these core values:

Why Should Your Program Be CAHIIM Accredited?

The Benefits of Being CAHIIM Accredited

For Students

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